About us

EcoDim - Dimming without worries.

Origin of EcoDim
In 2012 and under a different name in the consumer branch, we started selling led lighting. It soon became clear that the LED lighting also had to be dimmed and required special LED dimmers to do so. At the time, there was not much choice in the market, so we immediately dived into this with great dedication.

Because we sold a lot through our consumer branch in the early days, we got a lot of feedback from the market. Frequently heard problems: flickering lamps, buzzing/buzzing lamps, unsuitable switchgear, too little connection capacity, no adjustment options, etc. Time for an LED dimmer that can solve these kinds of problems....

"Negative feedback is not whining, but free input for product improvement"

Working method and vision
This attitude has brought us a lot of great things in recent years. In addition, we believe that the bottom line should be the bottom line. Thanks to the direct lines of communication with our manufacturers and the above-mentioned important input from the market, we have been able to continue developing our products in recent years. As a result, we now have a high-quality and very mature product range. But whenever there is room for improvement, we will not fail to do so.

Our approach is to market a product that is as universal as possible. A dimmer that can control as many LED lamps as possible, can be used behind as many switching materials as possible and can meet as many customer needs as possible.

In short, dimming without worries!

Distribution and business operations
We supply exclusively to B2B market consisting of selected electrotechnical wholesalers, webshops, DIY shops and/or other retail outlets. Besides dimming without worries, we also enter into a business relationship without worries.

"Don't bullshit, listen, then polish!"

Nice and cliché, but the mentality of our friendly, close-knit and young team. We do everything as a team and focus on our customer and our customer's customer in order to keep improving our products. In our opinion, this is the only way to ultimately arrive at the right product mix with the right specifications. Because we do not determine what is sold, the market determines what is bought.

Our office staff are easily accessible and are happy to help our partners and our partners' customers. So when a problem/advice is needed, feel free to contact us directly. We will be happy to help you! If you have a point of improvement or advice for us, please let us know.

"Alone you go faster, together you go further"

We prefer close cooperation with our partners to achieve the best possible result together. In this respect, our field sales team will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you to achieve the best possible set of dimmers.

In some cases, this may deviate from the standard assortment we offer on our website. If desired, we also supply custom-made products or private labels on behalf of our partners.

Have you become curious and would you like more information about EcoDim? Then make an appointment and we will be happy to visit you. You are of course also welcome in our showroom, where the coffee is always ready.


Team EcoDim

team EcoDim