Bestseller ECO-DIM.02 improved even further!

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Bestseller ECO-DIM.02 improved even further!

Since February 2021, the popular LED dimmer ECO-DIM.02 has been further improved. Check out the new specifications here!

For many years, the universal LED dimmer ECO-DIM.02 has been very popular among e-installers. This thanks to its excellent dimmability, light stability, large connection capacity (0-150W LED) and applicability behind all well-known brands of cover material. But there is always room for improvement. And that has now been implemented thanks to useful feedback from the professional market.

  • Metal dimmer shaft
  • Double L connection
  • Soft-start
  • Small mounting depth
  • Environmentally friendly

Metal dimmer shaft

For more robustness, the dimmer shaft has been replaced from plastic with metal.

Double L connection

Thanks to the double L connection, a through-connection of the phase wire is now possible. This allows you, for example, to connect the LED dimmer to an adjacent socket.


The soft-start system ensures that the LED lamps can be switched on at the last dimming setting used. This ensures a smooth start-up of the lamps and prevents a possible "flash" of 100% light.

Small mounting depth

A much-heard issue from the market is the space in the recessed box. To create more space, the (mostly unused) recessed terminals have been removed, reducing the recessed depth from 32 mm to 24.9 mm. This small recessed depth makes it even more user-friendly to install the ECO-DIM.02 in (even tight) recessed boxes.

Environmentally conscious

People often asked whether the ECO-DIM.02 could also be supplied without cover material, because they work with solid A-brands of switching material and the cover material supplied was thrown away. Therefore, the improved LED dimmer is supplied without cover material. Also, in the interests of environmental compatibility, the packaging has been made completely plastic-free.

More info and know where to buy? Go here to the updated ECO-DIM. 02 or contact us.


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