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Product description

Surface-mounted, round
Only 18mm deep
Suitable for EcoDim furniture spotlights
✓ Neat, clean finish

Please note: this product only concerns the surface-mounted luminaire itself, i.e. it does not include the spotlight and/or socket.

This surface-mounted luminaire is designed to use EcoDim furniture spotlights in a surface-mounted situation. This can be a choice with regard to a particular interior, but is also often used with concrete ceilings, for example. There, recessed LED spotlights are more difficult.

This surface-mounted luminaire is very sturdy and has a nicely finished coating. The surface-mounted LED spotlight is unique because it is completely screwless. You install the screws inside the surface-mounted luminaire and they are therefore not visible from the outside. This gives the fitting a very sleek design.

The surface-mounted set has a maximum mounting depth of 18 mm. As a result, in most cases it is only suitable for the matching EcoDim furniture spotlights.


Maximum mounting depth: 18 mm
Suitable diameter of furniture spotlight: Ø51-62mm
External dimensions: Ø62x18mm