ED-10050 Dimmable LED driver/trafo 1-2 furniture spots

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Product description

✓ 5-7W
✓ Dimmable LED driver/trafo for EcoDim furniture spots
✓ Incl. 2-fold cable connector

Suitable for EcoDim led furniture spots. This driver/trafo allows you to connect 1-2 furniture spots. The driver comes with a coupling block. You can easily connect the plugs of the furniture spots here.

If you do not use a connection port, always put the supplied bridge in the port you are not using, so the circuit is completed again.

  • Input: 200-240V
  • Output: 240MA 14-25V (DC)
  • Connection wattage: 5-7W
  • Power factor: >0.90

This dimmable LED transformer dims best with a phase cut LED dimmer (RC).

Product specifications

Brand: EcoDim
Power (wattage): 5-7W
Voltage (input): 200 - 240V
Dimming technology: Phase cut-off (RC)
Operation: -
Dimensions in mm (outer dimensions frame): 95x39x23 (lxwxh)
Installation dimensions in mm (fits any flush-mounted box): -
Packaging: Each
Warranty: 2 years
Article number: ED-10050
Item number 2BA: ED-10050
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Philips HUE manual: