ED-10044 Led furniture spotlight small recessed depth IP54 warm white, round, white, 55mm

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Product description

Small mounting depth (14 mm)
IP54 (splash-proof, suitable for bathrooms)
✓ Dimmable up to 5% (upon purchase of matching dimmable LED transformer)
Warm white (2700K)
Matt white, round
✓ Good light distribution (90⁰)
COB chip
✓ High colour fastness (CRI>90)
Matching transformers available
✓ Simple interconnection with transformer coupling block
Suitable surface-mounted luminaires available ✓
✓ 90% savings

Please note: This article is supplied without transformer. You must order your desired transformer separately. See "Matching items" at the bottom of this page for matching transformers.

This EcoDim round white furniture spot 2700K is splash-proof (IP54, also suitable for bathroom) and has an extremely small recessed depth of only 14mm. These spotlights are often used in shelves of, for example, furniture cabinets and/or under kitchen cabinets. The light colour is 2700K warm white and the spot consumes 3W and gives 240 lumens of light. The COB led chip has a high CRI value >90, which ensures good colour reproduction.

The spotlights are supplied with 1.5 metres of cable with a plug that fits into the coupling block of the matching transformer. This transformer must be ordered separately. Three types of transformers can be ordered. For 1-2 lamps, 3-4 lamps or 5-6 lamps. The transformers just mentioned are dimmable LED transformers. With the right LED dimmer, this makes the lamps perfectly dimmable.

Finally, surface-mounted luminaires are also available for these spotlights, allowing you to install the spotlights surface-mounted as well as recessed.

Cutting size: Ø55mm
Outer edge: Ø62mm
Recessed depth: 14mm

Product specifications

Brand: EcoDim
Power (wattage): 3W
Voltage (input): 240mA
Dimming technology: External driver
Operation: External driver
Dimensions in mm (outer dimensions frame): Ø62mm x 14mm
Installation dimensions in mm (fits any flush-mounted box): Cutting size: Ø55mm
Packaging: Each
Warranty: 2 years
Article number: ED-10044
Item number 2BA: ED-10044
Download manual: https://cdn.webshopapp.com/shops/68389/files/397431703/ed-10044-manual.pdf
Philips HUE manual: